Everything a buyer of the future needs to know about supplier management

The best guides to market best practices and what is being done in the largest procurement organizations in the world.


Supplier Relationship Management

Learn in this guide strategies to mitigate risks and make assertive decisions with efficient and data-driven management.


Supplier management spreadsheet

Optimize supplier registration time, automate compliance checks, and reduce onboarding time.


Supplier Performance Evaluation

Discover the essential KPIs to identify strategic suppliers and avoid wasting time and resources.


Strategic Sourcing

Learn the 7 steps of the most powerful procurement methodology to drive saving and add value to your business.


Supplier Diversity Program

Learn how to create your supplier diversity program. Discover the main criteria to be used and success cases!


Buyer from the past X Buyer from the future

We analyzed the global scenario, purchasing routines, and SRMs and identified 18 differences between them.


Procurement trends 2023

Linkana interviewed leading procurement experts to find out what we can expect from the future of the segment.


Procurement Learnings 2022

Linkana interviewed seven experts about their main impressions of the post-pandemic procurement sector.


All about ESG

We list 7 advantages of having an ESG policy in your company, 4 ways to apply it, and 3 ways to measure the success of these actions.


Procurement X Purchasing

Despite the direct translation, procurement and purchasing are two areas with several particularities and do not resemble each other so much.


Linkana's CNPJ Check

See all the information that our tool offers: corporate structure, federal tax clearance certificate, CNPJ card, and much more.


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