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The largest network of certified Supplier profiles
Linkana has more than 90,000 active supplier profiles and more than 1.5 million pieces of information collected and validated, with commercial, risk, registration, quality and diversity insights.

This is the cost per supplier with faulty data.

Companies all over the world spend millions of dollars on e-procurement software that fails to deliver what it promises.

This is because these "end to end" solutions use outdated technologies and practices that create real silos of information, storing supplier data in internal portals, without any kind of standardization, automation in collection or usefulness for other procurement organizations.

This imposes a huge workload on the supplier, as well as repeating the same process individually for several of its customers, without any added value and with a terrible user experience.

What are Certified Supplier Profiles?

Collecting information from each new supplier through different channels (e-mail, own portal, spreadsheets...) and the difficulty of exchanging information in a fluid and direct way are the biggest problems faced by buyers overwhelmed by bureaucracy. This prevents them from carrying out strategic functions in their respective companies.

The Certified Supplier Profile comes to solve this problem, and is only possible thanks to Linkana's innovative and unique Supplier Open Profile concept, inspired by the Open Finance of the Brazilian banking and financial system.

Just as Brazilians can now open an account at any bank with their previous history in an automated and unbureaucratic way, suppliers can do the same with Linkana, taking control of their digital supplier data portfolio. With a single profile certified by Linkana, the supplier will be able to connect with several companies at the same time, without having to send repeated documents or fill in the same forms several times.

With this, the concept of Certified Supplier Profiles and Supplier Open Profile comes to reduce the bureaucracy and rework that suppliers and buyers face when starting each new approval.


What is the Certified Supplier Profile for?

With Supplier Open Profile we give suppliers back control of their information, giving collective function to the data collected about the company and its supply relationships. This brings a network effect to the sending of data between your various buyers, as well as the standardization of relevant information, automation of collection and validation in public and private sources, by means of robots, big data and artificial intelligence.


Why implement the Certified Supplier Profile in your company?

The work routine of the buyer of the future will consist of analyzing supplier data, making strategic decisions using this data and carrying out measures to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of the supply chain.

However, today the buyer's routine consists of filling in data collection portals with poor usability, editing disorganized spreadsheets and wasting hours on phone calls to get access to basic information from a supplier.

The purpose of the Certified Supplier Profile is to make the buyer's job less bureaucratic, improve the experience and performance of onboarding processes and reduce friction in the exchange of relevant information.

With your supplier's Certified Profile, the buyer will be able to access the information they need in a public network of information that has already been transmitted to other buyers.

In addition, we offer a much more efficient and intuitive experience for carrying out onboarding processes that require specific information from the supplier and approvals required by the corporation, since the shareable information will always be automatically available, and new updates can be made available to speed up and encourage more business with other buyers in the network, avoiding incomplete, obsolete or duplicate information.


Benefits of having a Certified Supplier Profile

Onboarding a new supplier takes up a lot of the buyer's time. There are hours spent requesting documents, filling in information on portals with poor usability, searching for documents in a long list of exchanged emails.

This leaves very little time to carry out really strategic actions to improve the efficiency of the supply chain. Adopting a Certified Supplier Profile will increase the productivity of your purchasing team, who will no longer have to carry out bureaucratic tasks, reducing the time it takes to approve new suppliers. It will also increase the number of new suppliers and reduce reputational and operational risk.

The proposal is that the data provided to one company can be accessed by other companies through a certified profile, thus automating the delivery of information so that other buyers can access it in a practical and unbureaucratic way.
How Linkana helps your company achieve Active Grassroots Management
More than 90,000 registered suppliers

We have more than 90,000 registered suppliers in our database, with more than 1.5 million pieces of data collected and stored. With this stored data, we are able to generate value with insights into commercial, risk, quality and diversity information, used in registration, onboarding, sourcing and spend analysis processes.

In this way, we deliver an efficient and intuitive experience for the supplier to control and update information, which, whenever possible, will be made available to encourage more business with other buyers in the network.

Discover how Mitre implemented a Risk and Compliance Policy efficiently for over 4,000 suppliers in partnership with Linkana.

We act as a complete solution in the approval process at Mitre, starting from onboarding and registration to supplier management and monitoring, ensuring compliance with the company's compliance and risk policy.

We are the solution of choice for large companies

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This is your opportunity to cut red tape in your procurement process, eliminate risks and reduce costs in managing and finding new suppliers.

At Linkana you will have a simple and intuitive platform with all the data you need for better strategic decision making.

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