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Eliminate third-party labor liabilities by uncomplicating your third-party management.

With Linkana's platform, you caneliminate bureaucratic work and focus on making more of an impact on your business, without losing visibility over compliance with your service providers' labor obligations.

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Be shielded from any labor liabilities from third-party service providers

Have all payroll information automatically collected, analyzed and cross-referenced with providers

Monitor compliance with your service providers' labor obligations in a single place

Have the entire history of validated documentation for the service providers allocated to your unit

Control the access of your service providers by knowing who has all their documentation up to date

Challenges of poor third-party management

Low governance over service providers

Lack of standardization in the request process and information in various decentralized systems

A lot of information to keep track of

Processes that collect a lot of information are time-consuming and need to be analyzed quickly at the turn of the month

Lack of visibility of grip providers

It is almost impossible to monitor and mitigate non-compliance with the labor obligations of all providers

Current tools with a high cost of use

The tools are extremely expensive and only carry out sample analyses of third-party providers

How we can help you

Linkana is third-party management software that handles everything from billing to validating and monitoring labor obligations

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